Our vision is to personally curate the best gear and distilate across the country.  Allowing consumers to try the best product from the best labs in gear that delivers true taste.  Giving the labs a platfornt to showcase their best work.  Short runs allow space for only the best that hits hard in gear you dont have to think about.


We want to offer hardware to distributors and LP’s so they can put their distiallte in a quality piece of tech.  Its easy to use and convenient, no rolling, lighters or buttons to deal with.  Haute makes it easy to guage your doses so the effects are consistent and predictable.  Important for treating alements or just managing your day.


We link with artists that connect with our brand. Wether they’re Sciencing the sh*t out of some beautifully  grown Canadian Budz or bringing designs worthy of an art gallery to our gear – Haute brings you 100.


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